Carpet Storage


Carpets are essential products for our homes. They make our living rooms and bedrooms look great. As a result, it is always important to ensure that the carpets are well-maintained.

At Makedonas General Cleaning Services, we know carpets. Our team of professional cleaners has been in the business for more than 23 years. We clean, dry, deodorize, and remove stains on all carpets and rugs.

In addition to cleaning, we offer quality carpet storage services to residences and companies in Cyprus. We pack them and store using the best storage options in the country.


What Will You Get


Tightly Roll

Rolling carpets is an important step in the storage process. We roll the carpets tightly using the latest methods:

  • Latest technology
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free consultation
  • No long-term commitment

Wrap the Rug

After tightly rolling the carpet is to wrap it well. This helps to prevent moisture, dust, and rodents in some cases:

  • We use eco-friendly wraps
  • Wrapped by a team of experts
  • Your carpet is well-labelled
  • Checked regularly

Store the Rug

After rolling it tightly, we store the rag in our secure warehouse in Limassol. We offer the highest security features.

  • Stored in a secure location
  • Closely monitored for safety
  • Convenient access hours
  • Quality satisfaction

Unroll and Check

The final step is when you collect the carpet. We unroll the carpet and check for any dirt or stain.

  • Unroll carpet
  • Check for damage or dirt
  • Clean or repair if dirty
  • Quality guarantee

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