Window Cleaning


Your windows say a lot about you. Windows that are clean and well-taken care of send a picture of a well-organized person. Unfortunately, most people don’t have time or the expertise to clean windows well. This is a common problem among people who live in high-rise apartments.

At Makedonas, we understand this problem and are proud to offer quality window cleaning services in Cyprus. In the past few years, we have emerged as a leading residential and commercial cleaning service provider in the country.

With our company, you can be sure of quality cleaning services. You can also be sure of our commitment to serve customers of all sizes.


What Will You Get


Exterior Windows

We are experienced professionals in exterior window cleaning. We offer this service to even people living in high-rise apartments.

  • Comprehensive cleaning
  • Pressurized cleaning technique
  • Our service is available on a daily basis
  • Schedule regular exterior cleaning

Interior Windows

Our team of well-trained cleaners are excellent in cleaning the interior side of windows. We clean windows located in all floors.

  • We clean all types of windows
  • We use pure water and no chemicals
  • Schedule regular windows cleaning
  • Quality service guarantee

Pressurized Cleaning

Pressurized windows cleaning is a common and ideal process of washing external and interior windows. We have the latest water pressure washer.

  • Quality satisfaction guarantee
  • We wash your windows on all floors
  • Schedule pressure washing services
  • Quality and timely service delivery

Blinds & Curtain Cleaning

Washing windows should accompany washing curtains and blinds as well. We offer a comprehensive window and blinds cleaning service.

  • We clean all types of curtains
  • We clean all types of blinds
  • We use the best cleaning techniques
  • Schedule regular blinds cleaning

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