About Us


Makedonas General Cleaning Services is the fastest-growing residential and commercial cleaning services company in Cyprus. In the past 23 years, our company has grown from a single individual to the large company we are today. We serve some of the biggest companies in Cyprus. We also serve hundreds of families every month. We provide our services in most cities in Cyprus like Limassol and Nicosia.

Our employees are our biggest asset. We hire the best and train them on all types of cleaning services. This has helped us maintain most of our clients for years.

The cleaning industry is continually evolving. Today, many customers are considering the impact to the environment. As a company, we have continued to evolve too. We use chemicals that are eco-friendly and efficient. We also partner with leading cleaning products providers like WEPA and Werner & Mertz Professional.

Our goal is not to be the biggest cleaning company in Cyprus. Instead, we aim to grow by providing quality services and building lasting relationships with all our customers.




Why Choose Us


Quick Availability

We are always a call away. Just call or write us a message and we will be at your service.

Always in Touch

We are available by email, phone call, social media, or in our offices. We always respond to messages fast.


Our employees are well trained about occupational safety. Your safety will be guaranteed.

Hygiene Goals

Our team of professionals understands everything about hygiene. We always adhere to the highest standards.