Carpets Cleaning


A clean environment is ideal for both employees and customers. Studies have continually shown that clean organizations perform better.

At Makedonas General Cleaning Services, we are the best corporate carpet cleaning company in Cyprus. We are an award-winning company that serves all types of companies and organizations. Our team has decades of experience in carpet cleaning.

We serve companies of all sizes in Cyprus. We always work to ensure that carpets get cleaned well and faster. We treat stains and use eco-friendly cleaning products. This helps to extend the life of the carpet.


What Will You Get


Stain Removal

Carpets are known for their many stains. These stains can come from various sources such as food and dirt. 

  • Treatment for stains and spots
  • Eco-friendly stains removal
  • Large scale stain removal
  • Service available every day

Rug Cleaning

Do you have rugs in your commercial location? Our experts can help you ensure that the rugs are always clean.

  • Regular and scheduled rugs cleaning
  • Eco-friendly rug cleaning
  • Faster rugs drying
  • Rug stain removal

Odour Removal

Bad odour can damage the work environment, lower employee morale, and turn away customers.

  • Comprehensive carpet cleaning
  • Eco-friendly cleaning materials
  • Experience in all types of carpets
  • Service available every day


A carpet can be a good addition to your office. A dirty carpet can be a turn-off to both employees and customers.

  • Comprehensive carpet cleaning
  • Experience in all types of carpets
  • Faster cleaning and drying
  • Outstanding performance

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