General Cleaning


As a company, you want your commercial premises to always be clean. At Makedonas General Cleaning Services, we are committed to helping you achieve this goal.

We are the fastest-growing commercial cleaning company in Cyprus. We work for some of the leading companies in the country.

Our employees are our biggest asset. For this reason, we hire the best cleaners and train them to meet our clients’ needs.

At Makedonas General Cleaning Services, we understand that a clean environment not only creates a safe and healthy environment but also improves productivity and business performance. As a result, we work with utmost dedication to help you achieve this.


What Will You Get


Office Cleaning

You want your staff to work in a clean environment. We help you achieve that.

  • Quality overnight cleaning
  • Work space cleaning
  • Office carpet cleaning
  • Wall and windows cleaning

Retail Store Cleaning

Customers feel comfortable shopping in a tidy store. Our professional staff will help.

  • Pharmacy cleaning
  • Furniture store cleaning
  • Grocery store cleaning
  • Mall cleaning etc.

Industrial Cleaning

Occupational health and safety matters to your industrial workers. We can help.

  • Excellent overnight cleaning
  • Between-shift cleaning
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Deep cleaning

Institutional Cleaning

We partner and provide cleaning services to all types of institutions in Cyprus.

  • Education sector cleaning
  • Non-profit organizations cleaning
  • Health organizations cleaning
  • Government institutions cleaning

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