Carpets Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is a common service offered in Cyprus. We understand that you have a choice of a carpet cleaner. But not all carpet cleaning services are alike.

At Makedonas General Cleaning Services, we are the fastest-growing residential and commercial carpet cleaning company in Cyprus. Our team of professional cleaners have the experience of washing all types of carpets. Not only that, our carpet cleaning process uses less water than typical cleaners. As a result, carpets dry within a few hours. Also, our washing process is usually better and healthier since we use a unique carbonated solution.


What Will You Get


Rug Cleaning

Quality rugs can make a house look better. However, rugs get dirty all the time. Our experts will help you with this.

  • We clean all types of residential rugs
  • We remove all types of stains
  • Comprehensive cleaning
  • Schedule regular cleaning

Stain Removal

Stains are common in rags and carpets especially in homes with children. There are hundreds of types of these stains.

  • Latest technology
  • We remove all types of stains
  • Eco-friendly chemicals
  • We remove stains faster

Odour Removal

A carpet can make a residential or commercial house look better. A bad-smelling carpet is never ideal. 

  • Wash the carpet to remove the odour
  • Specialize chemicals
  • Remove Odour from all types of carpets
  • We offer our service every day

Carpet cleaning

A carpet that is unclean and untidy can be disgusting. Cleaning the carpet regularly can make your house look better.

  • We wash your carpet comprehensively
  • Our process uses less water
  • Our carpets dry faster
  • Schedule regular carpet cleaning

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