Mattresses & Curtains


There is a dirty little secret in your home. The secret is hidden by fancy mattress covers and duvets. Allergens, bodily fluid, and smells are an ongoing nightmare in your home. A nightmare you didn’t know it exists.

Studies show that mattresses are big carriers of germs in our homes. This is mostly because we mostly clean the mattress cover and ignore the real mattress.

At Makedonas General Cleaning Services, our team of experts has been cleaning mattresses for years. We have the right equipment to clean mattresses while maintaining their quality.

mattresses cleaning

What Will You Get


Spring Mattress Cleaning

  • Quality spring mattress cleaning
  • Faster cleaning and drying
  • Regular scheduled cleaning
  • Cost-effective cleaning

Foam Mattress Cleaning

  • Quality foam mattress cleaning
  • Faster cleaning and drying
  • Maintains original quality
  • Regular scheduled cleaning

Curtains cleaning

  • Quality curtain cleaning
  • All types of door and window curtains
  • Quality guarantee
  • Faster cleaning of curtains

Stain Removal

  • We remove stains
  • Quality guarantee
  • Comprehensive cleaning
  • Faster cleaning

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