Yachts Interior


You have worked hard and achieved a lot of success. As a reward to yourself, you have acquired a brand-new yacht. Taking care of your precious yacht is very important.

At Makedonas General Cleaning Services, we are the fastest-growing yacht cleaning company in Cyprus. We have been proudly serving yacht owners for more than 23 years.

Our services include living room cleaning, engine room cleaning, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and cabin cleaning among others. We do one-off cleaning and also regular scheduled yacht cleaning for our clients in Cyprus.


What Will You Get


Cabin Cleaning

You want your yacht to be sparkling clean at all time. Our cleaning team will be glad to bring a sparkle to your yacht.

  • Clean the furniture
  • Clean the floor and carpet
  • Clean all mirrors and glass
  • Remove stains on surfaces

Engine Rooms

The engine room of a yacht is special. It is where the power of the yacht comes from. Our experts will help you with:

  • Dust and furnish the engine room
  • Deep clean the room
  • Remove all unwanted items
  • Remove unwanted stains

Bedroom Cleaning

The bedroom of a yacht is a special place. As an owner, you want the room to be always clean and tidy. 

  • Dust and polish the furniture
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Vacuum floors
  • Wash and change bedding

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are the most sensitive rooms of a yacht. As an owner, you want your bathroom to be extremely tidy and clean:

  • Clean and sanitize faucets
  • Dust the light fixtures
  • Wipe windows and mirrors
  • Wash and scrub the floor

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